Here’s How to Hide Posts and Unfollow Users on Facebook

Follow this guide to hide posts from users and pages on your News Feed

With so much content being posted on Facebook on a daily basis, it’s possible that at one time or another, you’ve come across a post on your News Feed that you didn’t agree with or no longer wished to see. But did you know you can hide the post from your News Feed, or even unfollow the person behind it?

When you unfollow a user or page on Facebook, you will remain the user’s friend or a fan of the page, but you will no longer see their content in your News Feed.

If you’ve yet to try this feature on your own News Feed, here’s a guide to get started.

Step 1: Tap the “v” button on the post you wish to hide.

Step 2: Tap “Hide Post” to hide the individual post from your feed, or tap “Unfollow [name]” to unfollow the page or user responsible for the post.

If you tap “Hide Post,” you will have the option to tap “See less from [name]” after you do so. This will decrease the number of posts you see from the page or user in your News Feed going forward, but you won’t unfollow them entirely.

In addition, tapping the “See less from [name]” button gives you another chance to unfollow the user or page entirely by tapping either “Unfollow [name]” (for users) or “Hide all from [name]” (for pages).

Elsewhere, if the content you’ve hidden contained a shared post from a Facebook page or another user, once you tap “Hide Post” in Step 2 above, you will be able to choose whether to see less from your contact or from the original poster of the shared content.

As with before, if you tap “See less from [name]”, you will then have the option to tap “Unfollow [name]” or “Hide all from [name]” to hide all posts from the user or page going forward.

Finally, you will have the option to tap “Undo” after making each choice to reverse your decision(s).