Here Is How the Coke Vs. Pepsi Battle Plays Out on YouTube

One gets huge engagement, the other draws far more subscribers

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Virool today is rolling out two free tools, dubbed ChannelWatch and VideoSpy, for digital video marketers that help them analyze how brands fare against one another. Since YouTube is a rather crowded space to track, the ability to use complimentary campaign performance features could be attractive to players trying to break into the video business as well as market researchers.

But for right now, what's more interesting is getting a peek into Coke and Pepsi's head-to-head battle, and Virool has given Adweek data that shows how the beverage war is playing out on YouTube. Alex Debelov, CEO of the San Francisco-based tech company, which has worked on each brand in recent years but currently has no strings attached, explained that the two sodas employ different strategies.

"Coca-Cola uploads every single video from every single country into one channel," he said. "Whereas Pepsi has built different regional YouTube channels for different countries."

The graphic below, among other things, shows how Pepsi has accrued roughly twice as many subscribers as Coke. But Coke's engagement rate more than doubles Pepsi's average for the measurement category. The video volume difference between the two powerhouses is also intriguing.

Check out the stats Virool supplied below.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.