Here Come the NC17 iPhone Apps! Find Your Fix

I receive a lot of press releases about mobile apps. One I received the other seemed interesting enough to follow-up on. It read:

HitFix is announcing a new mobile edition of its customized event calendar dubbed, Find Your Fix.

This app is delivered by a smart and seamless partnership between HitFix and upcoming movie by Warner Brothers about the world’s greatest detective, “Sherlock Holmes,” and a creative new way for consumers to satisfy their entertainment cravings. Just as Holmes scours the evidence to solve a new mystery, users search through Find Your Fix to locate find the movie, TV show, concert, DVD or local event that will give them their fix. Many movie sponsorships are hard sells, but solving a mystery is what “Holmes” and the HitFix app are both about.

That sounds like an interesting and harmless app, right? I thought so. So, I went to the App Store and found…

Find Your Fix 1.0

…which is a free app. The single screenshot there looked nice enough. It provides entry points to look for movies, tv shows, music, sports, and other local entertainment. It has a 4-star average user rating with 30 reviews in and 20 of them giving the app a full 5-star rating. This sounds good so far. Here’s what I was surprised by though: The app has what I would call an NC17 rating if it were a movie…


Note the “You must be at least 17 years old to download this game” notice (it isn’t a game). I recalled getting press releases for Playboy and Playgirl magazine apps too. So, I took a look at those apps’ App Store pages and found that they also had this “NC17” rating.

I don’t know when this rating started. But, I’ll guess there are more than a few. But, I am puzzled why this “Find Your Fix” entertainment info app got stuck with this NC17 rating.