Helpshift: 20% of Users Seek Help in Apps They Use

New data from Helpshift reveals the majority of apps lack in-app support services.

Helpshift, a customer support platform for mobile, polled 1.3 billion mobile devices over a six-month period, and discovered during that time, 20 percent of consumers actively sought help in an app they were using.

Helpshift determined 284 million users searched for in-app support during the six-month time period, but only seven percent of these users actually filed a support ticket after using a ‘specific self-service FAQ’ available within an app.

In total, Helpshift estimated 95 percent of mobile apps lack an in-app channel for customers to receive support when they need it.

In a statement, Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder at Helpshift, commented:

This data proves the value of in-app customer support. Just as other technology is evolving, so too is CRM and customer support. We must tailor our support to our customers’ needs and meet them in the channel they prefer which is in-app, so that brands can engage and retain mobile customers.

Readers: Do you wish more apps offered in-app support?