How Can AllFacebook Better Help You?

Over the past three years I’ve had the pleasure of building out AllFacebook. Whether it was tracking the daily news of the company as it grew from over 10 million to now almost 500 million, or helping track the businesses emerging on the Facebook Platform, we’ve had the opportunity to see one of the most influential global organizations grow dramatically. However we need your help in moving forward.

We now have marketers, developers, journalists, investors, and general Facebook users, all reading AllFacebook. As such, the publication is attempting to satisfy the needs of a diverse market. While we will continue updating our existing products and evolving, I want to make sure we are satisfying the needs of our core market. As such, it would be excellent if you could take 1 minute to provide us with feedback.
I’ve set up a quick survey that should take literally no longer than 1 minute to complete. Please help us to help you more effectively and provide us with feedback. You can fill out the survey here. Thanks again for continuing to read AllFacebook!