Help Record the World in Comic Form with ‘Circumnavigate’

Madéleine Flores understands that the problem with Magellan, Drake, Raleigh, Polo and other famous explorers is that they failed to record their discoveries as comics. And so, to fix this issue, the intrepid cartoonist is setting out on her own to travel the globe and sketch out what she finds — through a Kickstarter campaign.

Flores’ project, Circumnavigate, will capture the places and people that she encounters throughout her trip. Leaving from hometown, Orlando, Florida and proceeding east (to London by plane, Moscow by train, Beijing via Trans-Siberian Railway, to Kobe, Japan on a ferry and back to the States on another plane) in the tradition of world travellers across history, Flores hopes to capture her unique experiences in comic format.

Circumnavigate needs a bit of the old crowd-sourced assistance to become a reality. Funding will help Flores to offset the costs of her trip, going toward various visa and travel expenses as well as the creation and publication of the comic book itself. Of course, since this is Kickstarter, all donations will be properly rewarded. Pledging prizes range from digital copies of past Madéleine Flores comics to personalized sketches, autographed copies of the finished book and original pages from the final copy of Circumnavigate.

Interested in helping Flores out? Donate at Circumnavigate‘s Kickstarter page or check out more of her work through the artist’s Twitter, blog and Tumblr (it’s really good stuff, I promise). Madéleine Flores’ Circumnavigate will be funded on Saturday, September 3rd at 11.53am EST if the $5,000 goal is met on time.