Help Animals By Doing Normal Facebook Stuff

I am a huge animal lover, that is not to say I love huge animals, but that I talk to my pets and have a slightly unhealthy relationship with them. My current pet is Kathrine, a formally abused guinea pig, who lives at the foot of my bed.

I recently had an application brought to my attention that is dedicated to helping homeless animals. The application, named Pawzu, will donate money to a charity depending on the number of daily users the application has.

The money being donated isn’t astronomical but then again neither is the task that Facebook users are being asked to accomplish. Simply create, or adopt, a pet and put the application on your profile and make sure you pet your animal once a day. That’s it.

I really hope people out there can take 5 minutes out of their day and set up a pet to adopt. If you need one to adopt you can always adopt Kathrine from my Facebook profile, she is always looking to make more friends. Doing good was never so easy.

Do any of you out there know of any other ways to help animals, or any other non-profit, through Facebook? Let us know.