Heineken Runs Instagram Campaign for Gay Pride Month

Takes 'likes' up a notch

Heineken posted a series of photos on Instagram this morning that makes creative use of the photo-sharing app for a Gay Pride Month campaign.

The "Like for Love" campaign (which Heineken teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy to create) includes a set of seven photos that show six different couples. Each photo is set against a solid background and the images appear as a rainbow when users scroll down the screen.

The couples are also posed so that they’re split down the center of the screen. When users tap twice on a photo to "like" it, the Instagram heart forms between them.

Heineken’s Instagram photos will also be pushed out on other social sites to drive traffic back to the app today.

This is not the first time that Heineken has used Instagram’s scroll-based features to show off pictures around specific events. During last year’s U.S. Open, the brand used Instagram’s grid view to create a digital scavenger hunt.

While Instagram has now become a staple in marketers’ social media efforts, only a handful of brands are using some of the built-in features of the app. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings has launched its Instagram presence recently by leveraging Instagram Direct.

"Specifically for Instagram, we are continuously finding ways to push the envelope because as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Instagram provides  great opportunity to challenge our 'Man of the World,'" Heineken USA’s Belen Pamukoff, brand director of marketing said.

Perhaps this campaign will also help Heineken increase its profile among gay consumers. A new study shows certain brands are benefiting from supporting equality.

Take a look at the campaign's creative below.

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