Heather McGhee: Digital Writer Spotlight

Teacher and author Heather McGhee found thousands of new readers on a community writing site. Follow this link to read more of her work at Wattpad.

Wattpad community manager Eva Lau praised her work:  “Heather’s book, My Own Worst Nightmare, has a little bit of everything; romance, family and the complications of starting to run a family business. Many readers have commented how they like it so much they’d like it to be a movie!”

Welcome to eBookNewser’s Digital Writer Spotlight. We’ve launched this feature to recognize the established and emerging voices within these communities. On a regular basis, we will feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community leaders at writing sites–see all the writers at our Best Online Fiction Writers directory. If you want to nominate a writing community, email eBookNewser with your recommendation.

Note: Wattpad and other digital writers will be included in our eBook Summit in December.

Here’s a brief excerpt from My Own Worst Nightmare:

“Did you hear what your father did last week?” Michael asked as I came into the portable office building wiping sweat and sawdust off my brow.

“Hear what?” I went straight to the cooler, downing two cups of cool water to soothe my scratchy, dust-coated throat.

“Mr. Watson sold the company.”

I sputtered, dripping water down my grimy t-shirt. “He did what?”

Michael shrugged, “He sold the company.”

I unbuckled my tool belt, dropping it on a nearby table and marched across the small room to my father’s office. I didn’t bother to knock. “What’s this about you selling the company?”

Henry Watson looked up from his computer and muttered, “I’m going to kill Michael.”

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