Heat of the moment: Asia

We’re confused. Not an uncommon feeling during the bacchanal that is ShoWest, but still.

Piracy is the greatest threat to the movie business, notwithstanding plunging box office. In tomorrow’s edition of Daily Variety, MPAA chief Dan Glickman says the battle plan for rattled movie studios is to fight piracy, and focus on expanding theatrical markets like Russia, South Korea, China and Vietnam.

Fine, except for this: Where is piracy most rampant? (Psst! Want a hint? Try ‘Russia,’ ‘South Korea,’ ‘China’ and ‘Vietnam.’)

Solution: All we need to do is start making local-language productions of “The Island” and “Into the Blue,” and you’ll see Asian piracy come to a halt faster than you can say “Big Mama-san’s House 2.”