HealthiNation Tells Advertisers Its Viewers Aren’t Just Browsing, They’re Finishing Videos

'And they'll watch your advertising,' too

Though it's one of the smaller presenters during the Digital Content NewFronts, health video startup HealthiNation has a compelling case to make to advertisers: Its audience is watching for a reason.

Unlike some of the bigger digital players that court broad audiences, viewers of HealthiNation videos are not there to browse. "They watch the content in its entirety, and they'll watch your advertising to get to the original content," said CEO Michael O'Donnell Tuesday evening during an intimate gathering at New York's Core club.

"We're in a new age of health awareness," said O'Donnell. "People are getting more in touch with their health obstacles and learning how to deal with health and fitness."

And it isn't just older people who have health concerns these days or are generally more interested in health-related topics. According to O'Donnell, roughly 200 million Americans—including baby boomers, millennials and Gen Xers—are "thinking about health and fitness on an everyday basis," and they're watching HealthiNation's content longer than that of most larger publishers, he said.

Vp of sales Larry Klein said HealthiNation's viewability rate for preroll ads is 78 percent, well above the industry standard of 43 percent. That figure is roughly the same for completion rate. "On average, viewers are watching 76.3 percent of the videos that they start," said Klein. (HealthiNation averages 32 million monthly viewers.)

He added that HealthiNation—which has three verticals: food, fitness and managing conditions—will relaunch this summer with a sleeker, more modern look. "The new design will make the time viewers spend on HealthiNation more productive," Klein said.

Brendan Anderer, HealthiNation's executive producer and chief programming officer, closed the short presentation by discussing two new shows in the works: Right Side of the Bed, which focuses on the health benefits of sleep, and a fitness series for beginners called Just Get Started. HealthiNation recently released its longest piece of content to date, a 30-minute documentary called Care Until Cure: A Second Chance At Alzheimer's.