Having Twitter Followers Isn’t Enough, You Need Actionable Intel On Them (Like This)

So you’ve accumulated a ton of Twitter followers for your brand – now what?

You need some actionable intel on them to make “social” work the way it’s meant to: With an eerie targeting ability that helps you sell your products and services to people based on who they are and what they like.

Sound too creepy-good to be true? It isn’t.

FanAppz fulfills your marketing dreams by turning fans into loyal customers.


Oh, they have their ways . . . including a real-time customer feedback platform that makes it “easy for brands to engage with fans and followers on Twitter while collecting valuable customer and prospect feedback they can use to be better marketers.”

They also offer:

·       Polls to solicit product preferences, desires and opinions

·       Hashtag games for engagement, prediction and trivia

·       And Rewards to build loyalty and customer lifetime value

“Our new Twitter experiences help brands drive meaningful engagement with their followers while they solicit, analyze and act-on real-time feedback,” said Jon Siegal, founder & CEO, Fan Appz, Inc. “They also help brands identify and inspire their most engaged and influential followers, an essential part of any high-impact campaign.”

FanAppz tracks consumers’ responses, selections and entries from multiple platforms (including, of course, Twitter), as well as fans’ following vs. follower ratios – and feeds it all into Fan Appz’ Consumer Insights Hub. There, the data can be analyzed for actionable insights, and used to improve the targeting and personalization of all of a brand’s marketing efforts, such as targeting via email, print advertising, website ads and in-store promotions. The possibilities are pretty endless, really.

“While listening platforms invest in semantic and sentiment analysis, we’re offering a structured, simple and effective way to gain actionable insights about your fans and followers, and then quickly put those insights to work,” Siegal added.

How does it look? Check it out:


Do your current campaigns give you this much info? Didn’t think so. Check them out.

(Image from FanAppz)