Have You Tried the New House M.D. Facebook Game?

One of the big questions that social game designers have is whether adding a brand to a game will improve its fate on Facebook.  In 2008, it seemed obvious that including a cool brand would help a game go viral, but since then the top games have in fact been new brands developed by Zynga.  In the meantime, a few branded games have been released, including EA’s Sims Social which has done tremendously, as well as a few Ubisoft titles.

Well, add one more to the Ubisoft lineup, as House MD: Critical Cases for Facebook has arrived.

By combining the well known isometric view of most Farm games with the adventure, characters, mystery and tension of the House TV show, the experience is a lot of fun and easy to get into.  The first case you’ll deal with has a young man suffering from a strange heart condition, and as a new Doctor you need to work with the irascible Dr. House to take care of the patient.

This will involve a series of games, including a find-the-object game within the patient’s room.  After this, you discover a clue and end up solving the case with the other Doctors when all of a sudden — just like in the show — a surprise occurs that requires you to help the patient.  For the first patient, this means resuscitation in a small mini-game that requires you to click quickly.

Overall, the game flows well and has the promise of a variety of gameplay.  It’s very similar to Ubisoft’s CSI game, but with the branded elements this is probably pretty fun for fans of the show.  The music is pretty awesome, and the snappy dialogue is actually funny.

Check it out and let us know what you think!