Have You Tried the New Google Maps Cube Game?

Remember that old game, labyrinth, where you guided a marble through a wooden maze by tilting the game itself?  How about the old Marble Madness Nintendo game?  I was a big fan of both, and that’s why it’s a treat to see Google releasing a cool new web game called Cube that uses Google Maps to create a similar game using real maps.  The game is a bit of a peacocking, meant to show the acuity of their upgraded Google Maps, but is pretty fun to play.

The game takes you to various landmarks around the world, and then shows you the Google Map of the area and drops a little marble in a position.  You then have to rotate the giant map cube to guide the marble to its various targets.  You’ll go from New York to San Francisco to Paris to London, and it’s pretty impressive to see the landmarks and 3D buildings that they have tagged in those areas.  A recreation of the Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty appear directly on the 3D maps.

And all of this comes without a plugin — this is done in WebGL, a new HTML5 language that allows our browsers to do a lot more than they could before using the standard browser without add-ons.  The game also lets you tweet, +1 or Facebook like it, so you can share it with your buddies.

Try the game here and let us know what you think.