Have You Seen This?

Seen This LogoBack in January I wrote about the launch of a Facebook tool that enabled you to track which articles your friends were reading on the Wall Street Journal. While it was big news and over 7,500 people installed the application, not many people continued to use it.

Today the company announced that they had received $5 million in a series A round. Pretty impressive for a company that has no users. The application is ultimately like a MyBlogLog for mass media. It tracks what your friends are reading no matter where they are on the web. There are about a gazillion (actual number) alternatives currently on the web but this company has strategic partnerships that will help them expand distribution.

The next step for Loomia appears to be expansion onto other social networks. They will also continue to to develop new products to expand their suite of social news products. It’s an interesting concept and unique technology offering, I’m just curious how they plan on expanding their user base. Are you an active Loomia user?