Have You Got Something to Say? Use InternetShout to Blurt it Out

Is the social networking world ready for something as daring and yet innovative type of social network such as InternetShout? Why am I asking this? Because hardcore social networking fans may find InternetShout a desecration of the social networking concept. Why? Because in InternetShout you communicate with other members through – Voice. Ain’t it a cool concept?

InternetShout is voice-based community forum which claims to be the first forum that allows its users to record voice clips to the site which the can use for starting a conversation or participating in ongoing conversations. Those who are too shy to air out what they want to say can still participate in the InternetShout forum just by listening to conversations.

InternetShout resembles traditional online community forum in more ways than one. First, its still a community-driven interaction built on various specific topics of interest to members. This topics ranges from news and current affairs, automotives, books and literature and more. Similar to tradition community forum, InternetShout also has a private messaging feature, which of course utilize voice recording to relay messages to other members of the community.

InternetShout also has some traces of social networking features. For one, it you to add contacts who could be totally strangers and you want to befriend.

The site also offers some protective filters for members and would-be members who are too young to get exposed to adult discussion and converstation. The site automatically blocks private message to the younger members InternetShout.

Joining InternetShout is free for all, for as long as you have the tolerance for online noise.