Have Android Remind You Of To-Dos When You Arrive At A Location

David Allen’s Getting Things Done method of task management has the concept of task context. A task’s context is a location or situation in which you need to be in order to complete a task. Because Getting Things Done has you put all tasks in one large list, contexts are important for filtering items so that you can focus on what you need to get done.

The two most obvious contexts are Home and Work, which GTD normally labels @home and @work, to separate tasks you need to complete at home from the tasks you need to complete at work. Home and Work are examples of location contexts, which I personally find to be the most useful. GTD also has what I’ll call situation contexts like @computer that identify tasks that you can only complete while using a computer, and I find these type of contexts less useful because I am usually multitasking.

GeoNote is an Android app that provides location-based reminders. You create notes that describe the task you need to complete at a location and then specify how you want to be reminded. One of the things I like about GeoNote is that you specify when you want to be reminded, such as when you are leaving the location, arriving at the location, and how often, such as one time only or only between a certain period of time.

One of the first things you need to do with GeoNote is specify locations for reminders, and the app provides three different ways to set a location. You can specify the location on a map, enter the address of a location, or use the current location using the GPS. If you are often indoors you should either pick out location on a map or enter an address.

GeoNote will determine the current location either by using the data network or GPS, and you specify one or the other. The app settings provide you the ability to specify the default leaving and arriving radius, so for example, the app will determine that you are arriving at a location if you are within 100 meters of an address. Setting options also exist to control how you are notified about a reminder.

A free, ad-supported version of GeoNote exists as well as a $1.99 ad-free “Pro” version.