A Friendly Radio Station

One Big MixThis is one of the coolest applications I’ve seen yet. One Bix Mix enables users to stream music to and from their Facebook friends. When you download the One Big Mix application you can specify your music folder and it will be displayed on your profile. When your friends download the application and add it to their computer you will be able to browse through their songs as well. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to get a thorough test of the application since there are bugs that are being worked out. The one thing I am wondering about this application is how much it slows down your computer and what sort of impact it has on your overall bandwidth while browsing the web. My guess is this is not quite as streamlined as Joost who has proprietary technology that makes streaming more efficient. If this application takes advantage of BitTorrent type technology then this could be insanely viral. Even if it doesn’t take advantage of BitTorrent technology it is still pretty cool. While the application still has bugs that are being worked out, you can go grab the OneMix application so that you’ll have it when it is ready for the big time.