HashAwards Makes Administering Twitter Awards Simple

If you’re looking to run a promo on Twitter, we have a cool new platform for you to check out: HashAwards.

The service is customizable to suit your needs and offers a great way to create some buzz for your brand. Who doesn’t like winning stuff?

You create as many categories (and groups) as you want. Each category can have a #hashtag for nominations directly on Twitter or people can simply access your fully-customizable Awards page to see all of the categories and submit their nominations/votes there. Here’s how the nomination screen looks:

And HashAwards offers five types of nomination formats:

  • Free text
  • #Hashtags
  • Twitter Users
  • Photos
  • Videos

After the nomination phase, the top X nominees are automatically selected for the voting phase. And here’s how the voting screen looks!

Sure, you could create a promo on your own for free, but then you’d miss out on being able to:
  • Choose how many categories there will be in your Award.
  • Select how many nominees will be selected for the final votes
  • Allow users to nominate and vote from your Award Page or any other app.
  • Display winners publicly on the page or not.
  • Validate and replace ineligible users.
  • Pre-define the tweet that users will have to use.
  • Filter spammer accounts.

Or maybe you have a spare 20 hours or so to whip this up on your own . . . and administer it. We didn’t think so.

    So check it out and let us know what you think!

    (Dice image from Shutterstock)