Hashable Shutting Down on July 25

This is just a friendly reminder that if you’ve been using Hashable to manage your contacts, you only have until next week to back up that information before the service is no longer available. In case you missed the announcement last week, Hashable, which launched in the fall of 2010 as a promising high-tech replacement for business cards and rolodexes, will be shutting down on July 25. The service had advertised itself as being “the best way to manage all of your important relationships on any device (mobile and desktop)” and allowed users to “save and remember everyone you meet” in one easy-to-access location.

Michael Yavonditte, founder and CEO of Hashable, tweeted the following statements regarding the shutdown, and also their future plans to build a mobile ad system: “we simply couldn’t make Hashable good enough / we know we can build a world-class mobile ad system / back to area of expertise,” and “We’re building a very unique mobile ad system — one that honors both publishers and advertisers, back to world we know better than most.”

In case you have information stored with them, an email sent by Hashable to its users stated that “If you’d like to receive a file with your complete history, please log onto Hashable.com, navigate to the ‘Profile’ tab, then to the ‘Your History’ section on that page. You can download the file by clicking ‘Export full history to .csv’ and accepting the dialog that pops up.”

For more information and to read the full email from Hashable to its users, click here.