Hasbro to Monopoly Fans: Vote for Your Favorite Token Before It’s Gone!

If your games of Monopoly are anything like ours, the first heated arguments come long before anyone goes bankrupt after landing on Park Place. Try taking someone’s go-to token and you’re just asking for trouble.

It’s true: We’ve seen full-grown adults absolutely refuse to settle for the thimble instead of the battleship, or the shoe instead of the wheelbarrow.

Now, our irrational loyalty to these tokens is about to be tested; Hasbro has decided to replace one of the eight classic playing pieces with a new one “that’s more representative of today’s Monopoly players”. Possible newcomers include a diamond ring, a guitar, a toy robot, a cat and a helicopter. Which new piece will take its place among board game royalty and which familiar trinket is destined for the Island of Misfit Toys?

Well that’s up to you.

Hasbro has created a special Facebook page where fans of the beloved board game can vote daily (until February 5) for both the token they want to save and the one they want to add. And if you’re a Monopoly purist and want to play with the current tokens (robots and diamonds be damned!), Hasbro cleverly reminds you that you still have a limited time to go out and buy the current version of the game. Either way, fans will be interacting with the product. Marketing magic.

So will this new strategy pay off? More than 1 billion people have played Monopoly in its various forms since its 1935 debut (when it sported long-forgotten playing pieces like a cannon and a rocking horse); we’d venture to say that means plenty of people with plenty of strong opinions on which pieces should stay and which should go. Plus, we don’t know about you, but we’re about to go vote ourselves…