Has The Kindle Fire Been A Success?

Quora users have been discussing the success of the Kindle Fire and the general consensus is that it is a success. In response to the question, “Has the Kindle Fire been a success?,” five respondents replied to the thread.

Tsahi Levent-Levi, Director, Business Solutions at Amdocs, whose answer was voted to the top of the list, wrote: “4.7 Million units in Q4 2012, taking 17% of the tablets market – a huge success – especially if you compare it to the success of other Android tablets.”
Todd Harig, a self-described “Jack of many trades & master of a few!!,” wrote: “I placed my order for a Kindle Fire the day they were announced.  I gave the tablet to my wife, and she uses it daily.  Her acceptance of the unit, and the performance associated with it, leaves me with no choice but to recommend (and HIGHLY, at that) the Fire.  Is it an iPad?  Nope.  Does it claim to be?  Nope!  $200 well spent, in my book.  That, my friends, is SUCCESS.”

One anonymous user posted: “Amazon loses £15 for every Kindle Fire sold. Because Amazon is…well massive, they can afford this. Also just because they aren’t make a profit doesn’t mean the product isn’t any good. I just wanted to let people know that they aren’t making any money from it.”

Ashley Stevens, of One Step Retail Solutions, wrote: “A few of us in the office got the Kindle Fire end of year 2011. All of us love it and I was very happy with Amazon support when I had a question a few weeks ago. I never thought I’d be converted from paperback, but Kindle and Hunger Games made a eReader fan out of me.”