Happy New Times Merger 50th Birthday, Village Voice!

VV 50.jpgIt was 50 years ago today, the Village Voice told the band to play… or, as today’s press release says, “burst onto the scene in New York City defending truth, exposing the powerful and taking the unpopular point of view.” Tomato, tomahto: the point is, today is the Village Voice’s 50th anniversary, and for that we wish the paper a hearty congratulations.

Five decades later, it celebrates being the nation’s largest alt-weekly by officially (and finally!) declaring it’s love for the New Times in merger form, finally laying to rest all the swirling rumors about something that everyone and their brother knew was a done deal. There may be some irony in that, but Alanis confused me on that point years ago. Damn Canadians.

In any case, hearken to the Voice’s special anniversary issue, on stands and online today, which features all sorts of reflective essays by Voice staffers, including Jarret Murphy’s timeline of Voice ownership which includes Rupert “Finger in Every Freakin’ Pie” Murdoch) and an offering from the irascible Robert Christgau, who throws the devil horns in the air because the Village Voice’s music coverage ROCKS — and indeed, so does his article, especially the frank final paragraph and shout-out to fellow rock-crit staffers: “Most of my fellow Voice music writers earn less than I do unless they have other employment, which many do — no other critical field supports so many inspired moonlighters. They too love music, and treasure the rare freedom this paper affords them even at 200 measly words. I thank every one of them for caring.” Aw).

The Voice also has a news timeline over the past 50 years and a slideshow of memorable covers. Even better, the Voice wants YOU to be part of the story, and sets up a special email address for readers to write in with their own thoughtful reminiscences of what the Voice has meant to them (write 50th@villagevoice.com. Once again, with feeling: Aw.

Happy Anniversary, Village Voice! Best of luck for the next 50 years.

Village Voice and New Times: Their love is real, dammit [FishbowlNY]