Happy Halloween! Now Throw Some Candy!

Halloween Candy pictureFacebook wouldn’t be Facebook without a little bit of childish behavior. That’s why the guys over at Hungry Machine thought it would be a good idea to launch the Halloween Candy application. The application is as useful as food fight, zombies and all the other Facebook applications that we love to hate but hey, it’s HHalloween and we all need some way to celebrate. Don’t let your celebrations end with this application though!

I’ll be headed out this evening but I haven’t come up with a costume. Would being my Facebook profile be too cliché? I think I’m going to skip getting dressed up. Any of you going out trick or treating tonight? Let us know! This application is a great way to say happy Halloween to all your friends today (well at least 20 of them due to Facebook’s invite restriction). If you want to throw candy at your friends to wish them a happy Halloween, go grab the Halloween Candy application now!