Happly Offers Safer Web Browsing

If you’ve ever been worried about what your kids find online, Happly from Daily Interactive can help.

This free iPad offers a curated browsing experience that has been pruned of all the interesting content on the web, including violent videos, inappropriate images like goatse, and other stuff that make life interesting.

The app instead offers a curated browsing experience. The iTunes listing has more detail:

Happly has partnered with some of the world’s most talented experts: National Geographic photographers, award-winning children’s book authors and illustrators and other great thinkers. Each week the Happly topics and content expand so your family’s learning opportunities do as well.

Customize a family experience with the easy to use Happly tools. Parents can pick and choose to add additional links, post videos, share articles or product reviews to tailor Happly based on each family member’s unique interests. Using a four digit pass key, parents can set the screen and contents for a particular child and lock the application. The child can then access all of that unique content for great learning and play time on Happly.