“Happiness Is” — Coke Joins Tumblr

Tumblr is known for jaw-dropping visuals and hyper-focused topics, which is why brands have to think outside the advertising box to have a blog that fans will care about.  Coca-Cola’s new Tumblr page features one of the great designs of the last century: the classic Coca-Cola bottle.

The “Happiness Is -” blog is filled with Coke-inspired musings on the true meaning of happiness, like “cool pants and even cooler friends.” It’s a new spin on Coke’s 2009 Open Happiness ad campaign, which went from television to YouTube with the Open Happiness video directed by Alan Ferguson.

Nostalgia works well for Coke, which was invented in 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton.  This new blog is aimed at the 11 million teen bloggers that populate the Web, who might approach it in the same way they’d sift through old clothes at a thrift store or vinyl records at a garage sale.   If teens can make fuzzy Polaroid-style pictures cool again with Instagram, they can appreciate a classic soft drink.   The company will sprinkle in some  exclusive content  as the campaign builds momentum, starting with the slogan, “Take a smile. Pass it on.”