HangIt Raises $6.2 Million for Location-Based Messaging and Marketing Platform

HangItMobile platform company HangIt has announced it has raised $6.2 million in seed funding and has established its headquarters in New York City. The HangIt platform will launch later this year to help app developers and publishers add advanced location-based messaging and marketing to any app. HangIt was incubated for several months at Vesta Labs in Atlanta, which has invested the seed funding.

HangIt is currently testing its prototype in major metropolitan areas. The platform is an open, turnkey, cloud-based service that will be free to app developers and publishers, who can create their own ways of leveraging the service depending on their app’s particular needs. The company shared some real-world examples.

First, in a note-taking app, HangIt could be used to allow customers to “hang” notes in specific geographic locations, where others could view them when they also arrived at that location. Elsewhere, a restaurant app could use the platform to “hang” reviews on top-scoring restaurants in the real world. App users near those highly reviewed locations would then be notified they were nearby. A family communication app could use the service to let parents “hang” notes for their kids to read once they got home from school, and so on.

“The HangIt platform is a blank sheet approach which makes using mobile location fast, easy and free to app developers and publishers so that they can create contextually relevant experiences for smartphone users,” said HangIt co-founder Jason Hogg, in a statement. “Our first products on the platform will disrupt the mobile advertising industry by creating new marketing channels that deliver increased relevance and revenue to app developers and publishers by reaching and redirecting customers when they are ready to buy.”

More information on the HangIt platform is available on the company’s website.