Halfbrick Launches Bears vs. Art on iOS, Android

The game sees players helping a bear destroy art to save his forest home.

Bears vs ArtFruit Ninja developer Halfbrick has announced the worldwide release of Bears vs. Art on iOS and Android devices. Described as the company’s “first true puzzle game,” the title stars Rory the bear, who must protect the forest from the art galleries threatening to destroy his home.

At launch, Bears vs. Art features 150 levels across six different worlds. In each level, players work to complete one or more goals, from destroying each piece of art in a limited space to removing all patrons from an art gallery, among others. Players must watch out for obstacles, including specific guests who must be avoided, spikes, lasers and more. Many levels must be completed in a limited number of moves, while others are time limited.

To move, players tap on the screen in the direction they’d like Rory to roll, and he moves until he hits something in his path (hopefully a piece of art). Each new piece of art is highlighted on screen, giving players a chance to swipe and scratch them to pieces. Gamers spend energy to access each stage, and can skip one level for free every day.

Players earn coins as they complete levels, and in between stages, these coins can be spent on new costume pieces for Rory. These costumes can then be upgraded to give him extra powers. A tiara, for instance, increases Rory’s speed while playing. Each upgrade takes time to complete, but players can skip the wait with additional coins.

A skill tree is also available, allowing players to assign points to four categories: savvy, intelligence, cunning and speed. A higher savvy rating will see players earning more coins, while a higher intelligence equals more moves while playing, and so on. Players begin with five skill points, and will automatically earn more over time.

Outside of standard story levels, Bears vs. Art features an infinite mode, challenging players to complete randomly generated puzzles for limitless gameplay.

In a statement, Shainiel Deo, CEO at Halfbrick, commented on the game’s time in soft launch:

Bears vs. Art has come a long way since its initial launch in Canada and Australia. Community feedback has been crucial to the game’s development, and we’re excited for players in other regions to finally get their hands on the game.

Bears vs. Art is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.