Half of Offerpal Media’s Business is Now in MySpace Apps

Offerpal Media is one of the leading “managed offer platforms” that social app and game developers are using to monetize their applications on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and hi5. While much has been made about the returns some app developers are seeing on the Facebook Platform, not much has been said publicly about business on the MySpace platform. Earlier today, Offerpal launched a new onboarding application for MySpace application developers, and shared some stats on its growing MySpace business with Inside Facebook.

“Roughly half of our overall business is now on MySpace,” said Matt McAllister, Director of Marketing at Offerpal. “The real story here is how MySpace is beginning to rival Facebook in terms of developer activity.”

“We’re seeing most of our MySpace developer partners earning on average $75 per day for every 1,000 daily active users, with high-engagement apps raking in more than $200 per day per 1,000 DAUs. These numbers are pretty equivalent to what we’ve been paying out to Facebook developers,” said McAllister.

To see how Offerpal is integrating with MySpace apps, check out some of the top MySpace apps in the Offerpal network: Own Your Friends!, Mobsters, Super Pets, Heroes, and Speed Racing. Developers can integrate offerpal i-frame offers, reg-path offers, prestitial offers, or a more general shopping i-frame. Developers can also use Offerpal to purchase installs or do an “install exchange” with other apps.

McAllister says Offerpal is now doing about 50,000 CPA transactions per day overall across all platforms. With half of those taking place inside MySpace apps, the MySpace platform economy is clearly quite healthy.

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