Half Of iPad Users Opt To Share Personal Info With Publishers

Magazine publishers Hearst and Conde Nast have both launched iPad magazine subscriptions in the last week and as part of the subscribing process, Apple asks subscribers if it is ok if Apple shares some personal information with the publisher.

Surprisingly, subscribers don’t seem to mind. In fact, Forbes Magazine is reporting that half of subscribers so far have opt-ed in.

Forbes has more: “Mark Edmiston, founder of the tablet magazine studio Nomad Editions, first heard that figure from other publishers, so he ran it by Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of internet services. Cue confirmed it. ‘So, all the sudden, what was an insurmountable obstacle no longer is,’ says Edmiston. No wonder ‘publishing executives say they are more confident they will be able to work with Apple to find out who their iPad readers are.’”

Via PC Magazine.