Interview With Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO Of gWallet, on Brand Bar and The Social Advertising Industry

I recently had a chance to connect with gWallet’s Gurbaksh “G” Chahal regarding gWallet’s new Brand Bar, which aims to better engage social gamers with brands. We discussed the current state of the industry, Facebook Credits, the history of the advertising game and what’s next for gWallet. Click below to listen.

Some of the highlights of the discussion were Gurbaksh’s ideas about ethical advertising. After the offers market faced some recent controversy with the scamville fiasco, the industry picked itself up and began to present offers that had more legitimate value for the consumer. gWallet has always felt that was the direction the market would go, and by looking at the brands they associate with, it makes sense that they are trying to bring legitimacy to social advertising.

Gurbaksh also talked about the difference between today’s advertising market and the market of the past. When he started his previous banner advertising companies, the real driver was technology, because the basics of the banner advertising revenue model were already set. Today, we are in the “wild west” of advertising and monetization for these new interactive applications.