Guest Blogger’s Identity…Revealed

Before I sign off for the day, this might be a good time to properly introduce myself. My name is Mary Beth Klatt, and I’m a fashion-obsessed freelance writer. When I’m not writing architecture and design for publications such as USA Weekend Magazine, Preservation Online and Chicago Magazine, you can find me sewing, crocheting, knitting or writing on my blog, The Sewist. When I’m not actually doing any of the above, I’m at least daydreaming about it (particularly sewing). My favorite blog is A Dress A Day by Erin McKean. Even if you don’t dig dresses, her site is an extra-large barrel of laughs. Something we all need in this way-too-serious world, don’t you think? I’m also a huge fan of The Sartorialist; the Seen on the Streets photos there are a great source of ideas what to wear!

Anyhow, I’ll be posting thrice daily until Alissa returns to work on 9/11 (I know that’s the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. For those of you who will need moral support on that day, I’m certain Alissa will be there for you.)

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