GSN Casino offers new games and boosts on iOS, Google Play

GSN Digital has launched GSN Casino 3.1 on iOS and Google Play, bringing new games and updates to the virtual casino experience, which continues to be one of the top grossing applications on iPad. GSN Casino now offers the Classic 777 Slots game, as well as a new Video Bingo boost, and has received updates to the user interface and daily login bonuses.

The Classic 777 Slots game is extremely popular on and Games by GSN on Facebook, so the mobile version has been updated to include this fan-favorite. Users can play the game as normal, but if they score a Triple Wild, they’ll earn a major boost to their winnings.

Over in Video Bingo, players can now receive the new Rocket Boost, which allows them to daub two random numbers on each card at the end of a round. This just may be enough to earn a win that previously wouldn’t have been possible before. Elsewhere, the daily login bonus can now pay out even more free Tokens, and the Undersea Treasure Slots game has been reopened for players.

GSN Casino is currently the No. 9 top grossing app on iPad, according to AppData, our app tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. This revenue comes from the purchase of Token bundles, which can be spent across both GSN Casino on mobile and on The game is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.

The game is just one of the many casino apps at the top of the iPad charts, with Big Fish Casino and DoubleDown Casino also currently sitting in the Top 10 iPad apps in terms of revenue.

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