ISA 2011: Growth and Monetization on Mobile Social Platforms [Video]

With the growth of the Apple iOS and Android ecosystems over the last year, is 2011 the year that mobile social platforms finally take off in the U.S.? At Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011, we looked at what 2011 will hold for social application developers with executives from leading platforms and publishers pioneering social and monetization on mobile.

Jason Oberfest, VP Social Applications at ngmoco:) (now part of DeNA), Anil Dharni, Co-Founder at Funzio and Founder of Storm8, Asokan Thiyagarajan, Director of Platforms and Technology Strategy at Samsung and Martin Essl, Strategic Software Partner Management at Sony Ericsson joined Xyologic founder Matthaus Krzykowski to discuss opportunities, risks, and timelines associated with emerging platforms. View the full talk below.

Growth and Monetization on Mobile Social Platforms from Inside Network on Vimeo.

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