GroBust Doll Grows Lust for Boob Man

Victoria Redstall, a former shill for magic pills that make boobies grow, has found a new career, according to Maeve Reston’s piece in the LA Times. She’s making a documentary (which is a pretty big word for her) about her new crush-object, serial killer Wayne Adam Ford, best known for freezing body parts of his victims.
Vicky–you need some major help. With the film, as well.
First, don’t shoot the whole thing on your camera phone–too hard to blow up to 35.
Second–you’ll never get the rights for any Dwight Yoakum song. Maye you two can write your own?
And while this is cute:

He is so tuned in to me and I to him that sometimes words don’t have to be said.

a film of two people sitting around and staring is boring. Get him to slug a guard.
Maybe the IDA can help. (So, the pills worked all right– by transferring brain cells to the bustline.)