Griffin Elan Folio Slim for iPad 2: Someday There Will be Something in Addition to the Smart Cover

If you bought an iPad 2 this past weekend, you have two choices in fitted protective accessories: Apple’s Smart Cover or Apple’s Leather Smart Cover. New covers and cases for the iPad 2 will eventually trickle into the retail space over the next few months. So, keep an eye out. One of the first announced (but not yet available) cases for the iPad 2 is from Griffin Technology.
Elan Folio Slim
This $39.99 folio design provides both front and back covering for the iPad (the Smart Cover just covers the display). And, it has one advantage over the Smart Cover: You can leave the Elan Folio Slim on the iPad 2 when you use its camera. The Smart Cover can be rolled so it does not cover the iPad 2’s camera. However, some mind find this unweildy in some situations.
Griffin has not specified an availability date for the Elan Folio Slim.