Greystripe Expands Advertiser Options

GJ+Limelife.jpgAd-supposed mobile game distributor Greystripe has come out with a new way for its advertisers to get closer to their audience.

Traditionally, Greystripe advertisers have their ads displayed on the full mobile screen both before and after game play. The Mobile Engagement Platform extends the brand throughout the gaming experience.

Specifically, full sponsorship includes all the full-screen ad space for every sponsored play as well as a branded in-game, on-device portal that appears at the beginning of every game play and provides links to the advertiser’s mobile Web site, branded wallpapers that are downloadable directly from the portal and clear brand association with each sponsored play. Advertisers can also take advantage of the platform’s campaign management tools and reporting metrics.

Greystripe sees the Mobile Entertainment Platform as generating a new type of stickiness by bringing gamers back to the marketer’s site and putting the brand in front of them on a regular basis.