Greg Gutfeld: He’s Special and He’s on FOX

Greg Gutfeld, official gadfly of the Huffington Post, wrote FBLA about his new FOX tv venture:

FBLA: What’s the show?

GG: The show is called Redeye. It’s a show featuring
informal conversations about news, pop culture and scubadiving. I liken it to 60 Minutes, minus the stench of soiled Depends.

FBLA: How do you stand the hours?

GG: I sit most of the time. Then when the show starts, I stand.

FBLA: Who in god’s name is up at this time of night?

GG: Well, Mohammed is, and that is God’s name. My mother is up–but that’s because she sleeps all day–usually in a fetal position cradling a bottle of vodka. She’s a regular on the show, and she’s already more popular than me–which isn’t saying much.
The target “demo”–which is actually tv lingo I just
learned the other day–is stoners, Hawaiians, people
who place personal ads on line, single women who
collect Vermont Teddy Bears, adults stuck in their
Craftmatic adjustable beds, and Ted McGinley.

FBLA: Will Rachel Sklar and/or her breasts be either a guest or a topic?

GG: We’ve tried to get in touch with Rachel’s breasts, but they’ve been hard to get ahold of. Perhaps they’re just too big for us.

FBLA:How did FOX find you? What makes you so special, anyway?

GG: I am “special” in every sense of the word. In fact I have paperwork from my childhood that says so. My mom said I was always the special one, and that was even after the fire, which was not my fault. What are you wearing right now? I’m sorry. I’m on the phone–that question was not for you.

Watch for Fishbowl’s appearance on the show in April.