Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald Annoyed That TPM Reports He Was Annoyed

The story behind-the-story of the Snowden NSA leaks must still be interesting. And it’s all getting rather weirdly touchy.

Today, the New York Times ran a transcript of an “encrypted question-and-answer session” between journalist Peter Maass and Snowden, in which Snowden is asked about his initial contacts with Glenn Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras. It’s a preview of a profile of Poitras called “Snowden’s People” that will run in the Sunday magazine.

The most interesting part of it all is when Snowden says he thought Poitras and Greenwald were annoyed he wasn’t older. He’s 30, though we’re not entirely sure why that would matter (Maass apparently didn’t seem to feel the need to follow-up, but it could have something to do with the belabored security-intensive interview method in which Poitras served as intermediary). This was also just Snowden’s impression upon their first meeting—he doesn’t give any real details on why he thought they were upset about his age—and it was an impression he gave while admitting he, too, was annoyed because Poitras and Greenwald had showed up for their meeting early.

All that was the point of a short transcript that Talking Points Memo highlighted in a post this morning under the headline, “Snowden: Greenwald Was ‘Annoyed That I was Younger’ Than He Expected.” Normally that would be that, but then Greenwald chimed in to help us understand why Snowden’s age was so off-putting.

You see, Greenwald is just easily annoyed.

Responding to TPM, Greenwald said on Twitter this morning, “Great job by TPM in really zeroing in on what’s important & newsworthy about the Poitras profile & Snowden interview.”

We know he’s being sarcastic, but… maybe he could tell us—which other part of that transcript would he have approved of? It’s almost as if Greenwald, a journalist, doesn’t like being covered and reported on in the same way he’d cover and report on others. That’s something we know nothing about.

In Greenwald’s defense, The Hill took a different tack in its post this morning: “Snowden: NSA targeted journalists critical of government after 9/11.” They don’t say anything about anyone being annoyed.