Greenpeace Not So Good with the Green Stuff


Today in News We Missed: last week, leaked documents revealed that nonprofit Greenpeace International isn’t the best when it comes to handling its own finances.

The organization issued an official apology to its many small-time donors for a currency exchange error/financial bet that led to the loss of more than 3.8 million euros.

That’s not all, though…

In the release, the group attributed the loss to one employee “acting beyond the limits of their authority and without following proper procedures”, but leaked docs reveal executive director Kumi Naidoo calling Greenpeace’s internal communications a “huge problem.”

The fact that the company’s international program director also flies from its offices in Amsterdam to his home in Luxembourg  “several times a month” also didn’t sit well with green devotees.

While the org’s PR team tries to paint the financial incident as an isolated case of faulty judgment, the leaked docs state that Greenpeace “has faced internal team and management problems for several years and the situation did not improve during 2013 despite efforts and support.”

In an audio recording posted by The Guardian, Naidoo says that the problem is “a patent lack of communication, not just a lack of communication but not communicating at the right time, and things not clear.”

It’s like a perfect storm of bad PR compounded by what we assume was a frustrated employee’s decision to leak information to Der Spiegel and other major European media outlets.

We’ll be watching to see how Greenpeace deals with it.

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