Facebook Graph API v2.8: Updates to Instant Articles, Offers and More

Facebook announced the release of Graph API v2.8, which gives publishers using Instant Articles more flexibility and includes a redesign of Offers.

Facebook announced the release of Graph API v2.8, which gives publishers using Instant Articles more flexibility and includes a redesign of Offers.

The social network said in a blog post that Graph API v2.8 will allow publishers to separate Instant Articles placement from Facebook Audience Network and enable or disable ad display.

And both Offers ads and native Offers were redesigned to enable users to easily claim them on mobile and redeem them across devices—mobile, desktop and in-store–with Facebook providing reminders to users about Offers they have claimed.

Product manager Alyssa Levitz detailed some of the other updates included in Graph API v2.8 in the blog post:

We’re adding two new common Open Graph action types for games and books: games.plays and books.rates. Starting today, these are available to developers in all API versions. We will continue exploring additional common Open Graph action types in the future, as we’ve consistently heard from you that creating custom Open Graph actions and objects is time-consuming and overly complex.

Based on this same feedback, we’ve decided to deprecate custom Open Graph action and objects in Graph API v2.8. Starting 90 days from Oct. 5, applications using Graph API v2.7 and below will no longer be able to create or edit custom action types and object types. One year from Oct. 5, apps on any version of the application-programming interface will no longer be able to publish custom Open Graph stories. Additionally, custom app collections will not appear on people’s Facebook profiles. Timing and action items for migration for this change are detailed in the custom Open Graph migration guide.

Levitz also directed developers to the following resources:

Finally, she revealed that the next Graph API release will be announced at Facebook’s F8 annual developer conference, which will be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., April 18 and 19.

Developers: What are your initial thoughts on Graph API v2.8?

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