Grambling State University blocks Facebook

Following in the footsteps of the University of New Mexico, which banned Facebook access from campus computers last fall, Grambling State University (Grambling, LA) yesterday announced that it has banned access to Facebook and Myspace from campus computers effective immediately.

Losing access to certain websites from university-owned computers wouldn’t be a big deal for most students who have their own computers at home. However, those who rely on campus computers for communication with peers now find themselves left out in the cold:

“Not having access to Facebook and Myspace is like not being able to check your email,” Alonzo Blalock said.

“I am upset that I pay to use the computers in the lab and the library and I can’t even visit the websites I want to visit,” Subaya Blount said.

– The Gramblinite (GSU newspaper)

Will more administrations see Facebook as a silly form of entertainment and drain on campus resources? I wouldn’t be surprised–while Facebook certainly is a widely used communication platform, it’s hard to make the case for it as an academic tool.