Got Fake Twitter Followers?

We thought we’d heard it all, but Twitter followers apparently now double as currency, and “clandestine Twitter trading” may very well be a real thing (someone please help us figure out how this would work). At any rate, quite a few big-name accounts have found themselves in the news lately for accumulating thousands of fake followers. Is your feed hiding any fakers? Maybe you should double check.

Take a look at StatusPeople’s Fake Follower Check to find out how many of your besties are anything but–and let us know how it pans out.

BTW, don’t feel bad if you find a few fakers on your list. It can happen to the even best and brightest among us:

Following in the footsteps of the late, lamented Newt Gingrich campaign, Mitt Romney’s feed got the once-over last week after adding more than 100,000 profiles in a single day (at least 10% of these newbies didn’t pass the smell test). Some even argued that the Obama campaign may have provided some of those fake accounts to make their opponents look bad–not likely, considering the fact that the Prez’s account appears to be an even bigger offender. How strange that we live in a media world where that theory might be deemed plausible.

So what about it? Any chance that your personal or business feeds have fake followers?

following in the footsteps of the now-defunct Newt Gingrich campaign

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