Got a Question for Jon Fine?

BusinessWeek media & advertising reporter Jon Fine has a big today. From his blog, Fine on Media:

“…I am moderating a panel discussion for Digital Hollywood’s News York Media Summit. It’s titled “The Changing Face of News: The Power, The Influence and the Challenge of the Technologies.” On the panel: CNN President Jon Klein, Atlanta Journal Constitution editor Julia Wallace, former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines, ABC News President David Westin and USA Today Executive Editor Kinsey Wilson.

…if you were moderating the panel (or in the audience), what questions would you most want to ask?”

He got some interesting responses in the comments, which ranged from, “If the young are willing to blog for free, continually stealing views from professionals, what is the trajectory for keeping local journalists employed or employable?” to, “What’s the role of BRAND for your organization as the media landscape changes? As the distribution model continues to change in the fashion it has, does brand become more or less important?”

PRNewser will not be at today’s event, however we will be on the lookout for reports from media and bloggers who are there, including our buddy Peter Himler of the Flack. Are you there and have something to share? Let us know.

UPDATE: Broadcasting & Cable reports from the Summit: Disney CEO Bob Iger conceded the computer is replacing TV as the primary entertainment source in the home.