Google/Slide Pool Party for Android & iPhone: Real-time Photo Sharing

If you saw an email subject line like this, would you think it is spam that evaded your filters?

Hey Todd, your Pool Party invite is ready

That’s certainly what I thought at first. But, for some reason, I decided to open it instead of junking without reading like I usually do. It turned out the email was not spam. It was a legitimate service invitation notification from Google’s Slide Inc. subsidiary. This is the same Slide Inc. that launced Photovine for iPhone in stealth mode and has still not provided wide access via their invitation system.

Pool Party is a free real-time photo sharing service. There are Android and iPhone apps for it that you Create group albums and see your friends’ photos as they happen in real-time. The maximum size of a “pool” is currently 30 users. So, this is not something that might be, for example, used as a crowd sourced photo tool for a large event. Pool Party reminds me somewhat of the failed Color for iPhone project.

Pool Party (iTunes App Store)

There aren’t any instructions or detailed information beyond inviting more people to the photo “pool.” You can find the service’s website where you can request an invitation at:

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