Google's New Blog Aggregator

Yesterday Google rolled out the new version of their Blogsearch product with a surprising new feature: a blog aggregator. The aggregator sorts all news articles being linked to across their blog index based on popularity and time. Many are calling the new Google Blogsearch the “Techmeme Killer” but honestly this is flat out inaccurate. If you browse through the top stories on Google Blogsearch they are all around 17 hours old.

Techmeme in contrast has the ability to show you the latest stories within minutes of them being written. One thing that is clear though is the increasing importance of content aggregators.

The Importance of Aggregators

As content on the web continues to grow exponentially, consumers have turned to content aggregators to filter their information. While traditional media outlets like the New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and others often serve as a filter of content for us, the limitless user-generated content has made it more challenging to filter information.

As the trend from individual websites toward web-based applications continues, one of the most important applications will be the content aggregator. While bloggers and professional journalists have turned to RSS feeds for organizing content, we have realized that content consumption simply doesn’t scale. Each internet savvy consumer currently has their own aggregator that they prefer to visit but I would suggest that all consumers in the information age will soon have their own news aggregator application that they take on the go and access regularly.

The Perfect Aggregator Has Yet to be Made

There is a long way to go before there is a “perfect” content aggregator. One thing that I would suggest is more valuable on Techmeme and Memeorandum in contrast to Google Blogsearch is that the former aggregators include traditional media outlets in their index. In contrast, Google Blogsearch is completely limited to blogs.

In the future I expect to be able to instantly load a single aggregator which includes the most popular items distributed through my favorite media outlets, social aggregators, social networks, and every other source that I visit for the latest content. For now we need to visit our favorite aggregators daily to find the best content. Soon enough, we will have a way to access all our content from a single source.

For now though, Google Blogsearch is yet one more place for finding the latest information being discussed around the blogosphere.