Google's Mail Goggles Helps in Preventing You from Sending Late Night Emails

Google’s email client, Gmail is a powerful web-based email client. Although it still hasn’t achieved the unlimited storage feature like Yahoo mail, Gmail’s storage capacity keeps on growing everyday. With its simple and clean interface, Gmail has become the top choice for a web mail account by many. To make it even more useful and entertaining as well, Google, through the Google Labs is introducing a new opt-in feature called Mail Goggles.

Mail Goggles is a Gmail feature made for people who often sends unwanted email during the wee hours of the morning when one is supposed to be sleeping rather than sending important email. This Gmail service is being offered as an opt-in feature. When you enable it, Google will prompt you whether you really want to send the email considering that it’s late at night and you’re most probably drunk or tipsy or not in a clear state of mind.

But how does Mail Goggles prevent you from sending those regretable emails? Well, before hitting the send button, Gmail will ask you to solve some mathematical problems which you should answer correctly to prove that you are in the correct state of mind. With this mathematical solved correctly, it tells Gmail that indeed you are awake and would not regret sending a particular email.

For those who will be hesitant to enable this feature because it might get tedious if you get asked to solve a math problem before you can send email, the good news is Mail Goggles will be active only late at night on weekends.

Sounds interesting? Well, wait till you get to the part where the math problem is displayed to you. Mind you those math problems are not easy. In fact, some people might get incorrectly even if they are not drunk or tipsy or sleepy.

Will this be useful? To some yes, while for others this may just be a “regretable” Gmail service.