Google’s data shows spike in holiday mobile searches and ad clicks

Google revealed on its mobile ads blog today data that shows a rise in holiday mobile searches and ad clicks.

Since the holiday season is just around the corner Google looked into its data to understand how mobile behavior changes during national holidays throughout the year when people have the day off from work or school.

Using Labor Day as an example, which fell on Monday Sept. 3 this year, Google found that smartphone searches were up seven percent and tablets were up 25 percent compared to searches on a typical Monday.

Mobile ad clicks had an even higher jump than searches, with ad clicks on smartphones at nine percent and tablets at 39 percent more than ad clicks on regular Monday.

Google added that it sees the same trends during other holidays that are also big shopping days like Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Last year for Black Friday, smartphone searches rose by 17 percent and tablet searches by 40 percent compared to a normal day. Ad clicks on smartphones jumped by 61 percent when stacked up against a typical day and tablets by more than 100 percent, while also staying above average in the following days.