Google Voice Now Providing Voice Mail & International Carrier Service for Sprint Cell Phones

Sprint cell phone customers may be in for a treat if all goes well with the integration of Google Voice as their voice mail system.

Google Voice and Sprint integration is live (Google Voice Blog)

Sprint customers can choose to keep their current Sprint cell phone number or switch their cell phone to an existing Google Voice phone number. Note that Google Voice is not available for some U.S. area codes. If so, it is probably best to retain your current Sprint cell phone number in your local area code. Doing this also lets you ring other phones (home, office) when someone calls your Sprint phone number. You can learn more about these two options here:

Google Voice Sprint setup information

There is one aspect of this Sprint-Google integration that may not work so well, however. Google will also provide international voice call carrier service. I’ve encountered a wide variety of voice call quality when uisng Google Voice. The consistently worst voice call scenario was when when someone called my Google Voice number from a cell phone and I answered on a cell phone. I’ve answered Google Voice calls on cell phones using AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The call quality ranged from passable to awful.

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