Google Voice Is One Year Old

Last week Google Voice turned one year old. If you are not familiar with it, Google Voice is a phone enhancement service from Google. Its key feature is the ability to route phone calls made to one phone number so that a call will ring on multiple phones at the same time. If you provide people the Google Voice number, and configure it to send calls to your mobile phone, you could switch phone companies and numbers without affecting people’s ability to reach you.

In celebration of the one year anniversary of Google Voice, Lifehacker has consolidated links to their tips for using Google Voice. Mark Stout has another great tip to configure Google Voice to record your own voice notes.

Google Voice has a bunch of features that I have written about, such as its ability to transcribe voice mail into text messages. The voice-to-text recognition isn’t perfect, but I find it good enough for me to get an understanding of what the voice mail contains. You can configure Google Voice to send notification of voice mail messages, along with the transcribed text to a text message or e-mail. I have Google Voice configured to send the voice message notifications to my Gmail account, which I then receive a notification for on my Android phone. I also have a filter in Gmail that sends a copy of each voice mail notification to my Evernote account, so the transcriptions and links to all of my voice mail is stored in my personal repository. If I choose, I can then make notes regarding that message in Evernote to keep track of all correspondence I have had with that message.

Unfortunately, Google Voice is not yet open to everyone and people can only obtain an account through an invitation from someone who has an account. To answer the obvious question, I do not have any invitations left. Now that one year has passed, perhaps Google will finally open up Google Voice to everyone.

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